We’ve been keeping tabs on vinyl only label Rothmans for a while now. Most of their releases have been in a retro vein, keeping things stripped back to a classic drum machines pootling along to infectious synth lines with a bit of sample thrown in for good measure. Certainly a job well done, but we were somewhat surprised to find that “The Mario Tresor Release” featured a b-side remix by Folkestone legend Brassica.

Shamelessly contemporary, the remix is an 8 minute powerhouse that keeps on giving. The acid and trance influenced lines of the original are set atop a driving bass that sustains an unfaltering momentum throughout, but the the real magic lies in the exotic original sound design, phasing vocals and melody. After moments of almost Egyptian flavour, the winding elements converge into chord stabs to lift the veil of mystery into euphoria.

This one’s a bit of an epic, but nonetheless a perfect peak time party tune that transitions through some great places.