Groove Store is a bright and lovely little shop, accessible via Place De Clichy Metro in the city’s 9th district.

€6 – €60

Funk, Soul, Rock, Blues

One turntable hooked up to the shop system for everyone to use. Ask at the counter – it’s cool to cut off a tune, just ask whoever put it on… be polite!

It’s pretty small, probably room for 8 people comfortably browsing, with a left hand wall of crates offering up Funk & Soul EP’s (and a few LP’s) for €6 a pop. Most of this stuff is either more common or more obscure, and much of it can be found cheaper on Discogs, though it’s well curated and pretty much all NM, so to be honest you may as well save yourself the hassle and pick it up here while you have the chance. While we were in the shop the dude working there was flipping through the bins and pulling out the smoothest obscure & classic tracks alike to play to a Mum and her baby. He wasn’t looking in the storage on the right hand side of the shop.

The right hand side of the shop is taken up with either more easily recognisable names or more expensive, rarer shit which is alphabetised meticulously so that it’s a pleasure to browse. Generally weighing in at between €10 and €20, here’s a chance to score some bargains if you know what you’re looking for or have the time and connectivity to cross reference with Discogs. Most of the records they had are from the late 70’s – late 80’s.

There was also some classic rock from the same era in a couple of boxes at the front of the shop, but Funk and Soul was definitely the plat du jour here.

Faze-O – Ridin High – €8

Ozone – Jump On It – €6

The Clark Sisters – You Bought The Sunshine – €6

OK OK we know. You smashed it a little hard over the bank holiday weekend and following on from topping yourself up with a double rum’n’coke at 11pm on Monday evening, you’ve been crying into your keyboard for the last day and a half. Luckily we predicted all this and pulled together a selection of melodic, rousing tracks to get your blood pumping and your head nodding again. This is our ‘Kill A Comedown Mix’, from us to you, covering off Afro, Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Melody over the course of a sweet hour.

All these tracks should be relatively easy to find, so here’s the loose track list we wrote when prepping the mix, but ask us if you can’t find anything. Enjoy!!

Ritz Intro
Bob James
Stevie Jazz
Echo Rewind Intro Cree
Wrong Speed Baby Moulton Intro
If its Positive
Sweet Sensation
Baby Moulton (correct pitch)
Gotta Be A Man
Al Green

Skip to ’45 for the HIT.

1989 R&B track ‘My Love Is So Raw’ features the growling vocals of undersung harlem singer Alyson Williams. Picked this up on a dig through a berlin €2 bucket as the B Side to ‘I Need Your Lovin’. I wasn’t sold on the title track, but I had a bit of time and was grooving straight away when I dropped the needle on this souly club banger. She’s now apparently in residence to the King of Morocco… Respect to The Girl!