OK OK we know. You smashed it a little hard over the bank holiday weekend and following on from topping yourself up with a double rum’n’coke at 11pm on Monday evening, you’ve been crying into your keyboard for the last day and a half. Luckily we predicted all this and pulled together a selection of melodic, rousing tracks to get your blood pumping and your head nodding again. This is our ‘Kill A Comedown Mix’, from us to you, covering off Afro, Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Melody over the course of a sweet hour.

All these tracks should be relatively easy to find, so here’s the loose track list we wrote when prepping the mix, but ask us if you can’t find anything. Enjoy!!

Ritz Intro
Bob James
Stevie Jazz
Echo Rewind Intro Cree
Wrong Speed Baby Moulton Intro
If its Positive
Sweet Sensation
Baby Moulton (correct pitch)
Gotta Be A Man
Al Green