Golden Teacher – Like A Hawk

The fact Golden Teacher share the name of a certain type of magic mushroom may go someway to explaining their raucous blend of disco, psych, post-punk, Afrobeat and numerous other genres of music. Hailing from Glasgow and with releases on the well respected Optimo Music label, the band have a firm DIY ethic born out of the city’s fertile music scene, often creating the artwork for the limited presses of records that showcase the band’s work. That the band are creating some of the most original sounds around hasn’t escaped the attention of those outside of Glasgow and the band were included on the incredibly curated Art + Sound LP that was released by one of our favourite London record shops – Sounds Of The Universe.

Taken from the band’s second EP, ‘Like A Hawk’ is described by the band as a “Fourth World freakout” and contains a slew of analogue synth-work over sparse dubbed-out dancehall drum rhythms that meander with the echoed chants of the band’s vocalists – Cassie Ojay and Charles Lavenac. This is spiritual dance music from the 22nd Century – welcome to the future.

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