Egg Records, Newtown, Sydney

This article is for the sixteen year old store, Egg Records, Newtown, Sydney. A voyage into the depth and quality of sound is possible in this place. A corner of planet earth dedicated to the organisation and sale of exceptional music.


The store has the west and the east, north and south. Organised A-Z but and with key areas for exploration pulled out and highlighted. You want Moog comps? Or was it BBC FX Albums? Rock & Punk get a big look in at entrance to the palais.


Specific genres aside, enjoy spending time with a few thousand discs checked, logged and oiled, by the owner, Baz. Keep thriving Baz!


Ofra Haza – Im Nan’ Alu – 10AUD
Uplifting sounds from Ofra Haza. Lovely chuggy stuff on the remix!

Luna Twist – African Time – 5AUD
Spotted via the screen printed & colourful cover, ‘Luna’ + ‘African’ and then a quick scan on Dutch Wikipedia. Nu-Wave from the continent, big in the UK. Released 1982.


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