We’re more convinced that Melbourne is really where it’s at day by day – a pretty shit thought when you realise it’s half the fucking World away. Having given us producers such as Harvey Sutherland, M5K and Andy Hart – the city has firmly garnered a reputation as a hotbed for future-boogie meditations on analogue rhythm and sound. Add to that list Andy Wilson – aka András – whose latest release has just come out on Superconscious Records.

By no means András’ first outing – having released some dreamy EPs on the likes of Dopeness Galore and Mexican Summer – the release is a marked departure from his trademark blissful style with a notable lean to the dance-floor on pitched-up lead track ‘T.N.T.F’. However, it’s the track ‘Gold Coast (House Mix)’ that really does it for us –  a track we think perfectly combines his penchant for a cloud nine jam with his new under-taking to create some memorable post-3 a.m. moments.

Vahagn’s recent Deep Probe EP shows why he’s so much more than a deep house Deej. His productions elicit a prominent musicality, fed by his clear ability to bind & structure a track.  Released around a year ago on Paradise Valley Records, it’s taken a while to filter through to us via a track we first heard on Orange’s BIS mix. We’re glad it has.

Harmonically , the title track is a smooth peak time banger, charged low-end energy, rolling drums climbing on synths to reach a helluva drop. It’s a track to get lost in, the type of which all too often sounds a mess. But no, Vahagn manages the palette well and turns this into the aforementioned smooth peak time banger you want it to be.

Meanwhile on side B, Uralove is an electric harp for martians affair, whilst the 3rd Element is an exploration of pads & piano, beautifully combined.

Stockholm jazz man Seegweed has put together three top edits, forthcoming / nearly out now on the excellent G.A.M.M. records. Have a range back through their catalogue when you get a chance..

Our pick is the souley smooth beauty ‘Save Your Love’. Underpinned by a grooving drum line, the track lets Nancy breathe. Impeccably mixed, the reason this works is that the acid edge is way way down in the mix, whilst Nancy keeps it front and centre. This one’s getting played on Friday at our party…. thanks Seegweed!!!


Detroit homeboy Moodymann has coupled up with Carhaart WIP to put out a 7″ limited to 500 copies and some clothes. The collab is a revival of Mahogani Music and a celebration of Detroit by two of the leading exports. We ripped the tracks in low quality so you can listen to them below.

Side A features a short version of the much loved “J.A.N.” which was originally pressed to 200 copies and been steadily rising in price on Discogs for the past few years. It’s always was, and still is, a perfectly formed deep house slice.

Side B features an original track, which heavily references Carhaart WIP and Detroit. “5800 Cass Ave” is the location of the Carhaart store in downtown Detroit, and the track runs for 3 min 13 secs – Eminem EYHO. This one sounds like floating vocals and spacey drums, switching to detroit orchestra arrangement and back.

Thanks to the Carhaart WIP store Old Street for helping us get our hands on a copy. You have great clothes and top nice staff.

Label: Carhartt WIP ‎– CORE 063-2
Format: Vinyl, 7″, Limited Edition

The fact Golden Teacher share the name of a certain type of magic mushroom may go someway to explaining their raucous blend of disco, psych, post-punk, Afrobeat and numerous other genres of music. Hailing from Glasgow and with releases on the well respected Optimo Music label, the band have a firm DIY ethic born out of the city’s fertile music scene, often creating the artwork for the limited presses of records that showcase the band’s work. That the band are creating some of the most original sounds around hasn’t escaped the attention of those outside of Glasgow and the band were included on the incredibly curated Art + Sound LP that was released by one of our favourite London record shops – Sounds Of The Universe.

Taken from the band’s second EP, ‘Like A Hawk’ is described by the band as a “Fourth World freakout” and contains a slew of analogue synth-work over sparse dubbed-out dancehall drum rhythms that meander with the echoed chants of the band’s vocalists – Cassie Ojay and Charles Lavenac. This is spiritual dance music from the 22nd Century – welcome to the future.

The Very Polish Cut Outs crew are back for what is sadly their very last sampler – we don’t need to tell you to be quick on this one. It’s packed to the rafters with choice cuts from behind the Iron Curtain, carefully state-planned for your audible pleasure and firm proof that the Communist Party really was just that.

Our choice here, and it’s a tricky one, is the Daniel Drumz edit of Na Kolana Pastuszkowie by Laboratorium. No, we don’t know how to pronounce it either – something about shepherds according to Google translate. Anyway, it’s a bouncy balearic number replete with marimba and provides an overall sense that things perhaps weren’t as grey and drab out East as we were made to think.

Solid Air

A bit of a break from the four to the floor stuff we normally post but I love this record and think its worth sharing. I picked up John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’ a while ago at Rat Records for a measly £3! An absolute bargain. Its one of my all time favourite LP’s and felt lucky to get my hands on it.

I was introduced to this album by a good friend of mine about a decade ago. My friend had the broadest musical taste of anyone I knew back then so I was always up for and respected any of his recommendations. I was hooked the moment he pressed play. This album really takes you on a journey. There was just something so enchanting about the opening track ‘Solid Air’ . I could just imagine being in a dark hazy jazz club watching this guy ooze coolness from the stage. ‘Solid Air’ isn’t the only killer track though, ‘Don’t Want To Know’ is up there, along with ‘Go Down Easy’.

John Martyn’s compositions on Solid Air shook the British folk movement and inspired generations to come but didn’t make a huge impact commercially when it was released on Island Records in 1973. Despite this big names like Eric Clapton regularly covered Martyn’s songs in their sets which speaks volumes on how great this record really is.

I tend to find myself listening to this record on a Sunday afternoon when I have nothing to do, which is perfect. We rarely take the time nowadays to listen to albums all the way through so when you can, make it special.

Like my good friend did a decade ago, I highly recommend you sit back, relax and breath in some Solid Air.

Track List:

  1. “Solid Air” – 5:46
  2. “Over the Hill” – 2:51
  3. “Don’t Want to Know” – 3:01
  4. “I’d Rather Be the Devil” (Skip James) – 6:19
  5. “Go Down Easy” – 3:36
  6. “Dreams by the Sea” – 3:18
  7. “May You Never” – 3:43
  8. “The Man in the Station” – 2:54
  9. “The Easy Blues” – 3:22



Strong Dub

Label: Secret Mixes Fixes

Release: FIX17

Long standing edit label Secret Mixes Fixes latest release is one to watch out for. The white label enterprise have been releasing DJ friendly cuts since 2003 and is run by the mysterious Ronaldo Mystique. Since its inception S.M.F have released numerous white labels with Gay Marvine, who now runs S.M.F’s sub label Bath House Etiquette ( a how to guide on gay discos ).

Vol.17 features four choice edits from The Fantasy with our favourites on the A side. A1 is an edit of Caroline Crawford’s ‘Coming on Strong’.  ‘Strong Dub’ is a deep builder, perfect for that peak time rush. While A2 ‘Jerked Out’ is pure purple funkiness that will get everyone grooving to this rework of The Time’s classic ‘Jerk Out’.



Label: Tartlet Records

Release: TART034

IMYRMIND’s first release with Tartelet records boasts four brilliant tracks, ranging from a crunchy techno roller, ‘Tong Po’ through to dusty jazz infused grooves on the rest of the EP.

The sound of upright bass, turntable cuts and playful piano give these tracks a brilliant live feel, suitable for home listening as well as peak time action.

The B side, featured track ‘Upturn’ sells itself with infectious latin percussion, coupled with a gripping horn and piano section that are sure to get the dance floor swinging. ‘Number 7’ finishes off the EP with style- eerie tape delayed and detuned rhodes are accompanied by some very fun drum programming which maintains the skippy broken jazz groove. Overall a really nice release- worth getting your hands on.


Label: Room Service

Release: ROOM03

The Organ Grinder aka Cayne Ramos has produced some absolute bangers in his ‘grotto’ in Wales. Released via the Room Service imprint, this EP features some great dance floor tracks, however the stand out one for us has to be “Voodoo.”
A bit of a heads down late night banger, this one features jarring chords and high energy drums and a haunting vocal chop that although doubtful, sounds like it could have come from drum and bass legend DJ Zinc’s “Reach Out.” It has that strange, but familiar nature that draws one in, especially when under the influence…