Here’s a Salsa mix from tracks we picked up in Cali, to get you in the mood for our party next Friday 11th March at the Yard.
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The yellow is for the gold. The blue is for the ocean. The red is for the blood.

Featuring tracks from:
Grupo Niche
Willie Colon y Hector Lavoe
Albita De Cuba
Santiago Ceron
Angel Canales


Arabian Nights

Taking you through the bustling bazaars of Marrakech and late night discos of Istanbul to the psychedelic movement in Iran. Showcasing some of the Middle East’s finest records, Arabian Nights is an eclectic mix from the BLBC vault.

Most of this music comes from Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey and Morocco with genres ranging from Jazz, Funk, Italo Disco and Breakbeat.

Tack List:
Pisi Pisi – Figen Han
Dance of Maria – Elias Rahbani
Nisyan – Ahmed Fakroun
Cantamilia – Tranquility Bass
Shashkin – Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Crystalline ( Omar Souleyman Remix) – Bjork
Der Bauch – Mc Sultan
Abu Ali – Ziad Rahbani
Yo Son ( Prince Language Edit) – Ahmed Fakroun
El Fen – Ait Meslayene
Dalkavuk – Senay
Aheste ( Baris K Edit) – Baris Manco
Love Words – Ahmed Fakroun
Edit d Algerie (Julian Horn) – Djamel Allam
Habibi ( Vocal) – Sahara Band
Zina – Ouiness
Nissim ( Feat. Amir Yaghmai) – The Gasslamp Killer




The fourth instalment in our mix series. Warming up for our first party of the year with a few jams that we’ve been digging recently. Be sure to come down to the Yard Theatre on the 5th of Feb and join us for an evening of fun!!
BLBC @ The Yard

Track List:
1 – Long Island Wildin’ – De La Soul
2 – Stars For Jorge – Len Leise
3 – Angola – JM Edit
4 – Cigrik (FOC Rework) – Mogollar
5 – Algier Ego – Luvless
6 – Party Train – Funkyjaws
7 – Rießenglied 95 (Fuer Nano) – Axel S
8 – 78 To Stanley Bay – Chaos In The CBD
9 – Star Strike – Soundstream
10 – To The Love – Dan Shake
11 – Tricks On Wax – Ben Sun
12 – Coco Kane (Frasier Edit) – El Coco


Here it is, the third installment of our monthly mix series.  We’ve gone deep on this one with tracks from the impressive Max Graef and the infectious Black Madonna among others. The sounds of New York, Chicago , Detroit, The U.K and Berlin run strong throughout.

Track List :

Max Graef – A Tale Of Love
Genius Of Time – Juxtapose
Henry Wu – 117 Care Plan
Levon Vincent – Pivotal Moments In Life
Roland Tings – Tiger In A Tropical Storm
Black Fan – Hercules And The Beast
Genius Of Time – Tom Jam
Quell – Disregard
MCDE – Raw Cuts 5 A-Side
Marc King – Loquacious
Lil’ Mo Ying Yang – Reach(Little More Mix)
Erik Ericksson – Yuki
The Black Madonna – Who Do You Need
Normah Jean Bell – The Baddest Bitch(Moody Man Mix)


OK OK we know. You smashed it a little hard over the bank holiday weekend and following on from topping yourself up with a double rum’n’coke at 11pm on Monday evening, you’ve been crying into your keyboard for the last day and a half. Luckily we predicted all this and pulled together a selection of melodic, rousing tracks to get your blood pumping and your head nodding again. This is our ‘Kill A Comedown Mix’, from us to you, covering off Afro, Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz & Melody over the course of a sweet hour.

All these tracks should be relatively easy to find, so here’s the loose track list we wrote when prepping the mix, but ask us if you can’t find anything. Enjoy!!

Ritz Intro
Bob James
Stevie Jazz
Echo Rewind Intro Cree
Wrong Speed Baby Moulton Intro
If its Positive
Sweet Sensation
Baby Moulton (correct pitch)
Gotta Be A Man
Al Green

This is a selection of Trinidadian music, Soca, but not Soca as we know it today.
There is no EDM or contemporary groovy or power in this mix, it is a pre 90’s selection that shows off the Calypso, Soul and Disco side of things.
It shows Trini’s abilities to use a fantastic array of synths and live instrumentation to produce wild and wonderful music that is totally unique.
The records have been collected in Trinidad on various digging trips, and from many enjoyable years living on the beautiful island.
Many thanks to the Rhyner Sisters for their help, support and knowledge.

BLBC #1 is the first in our new monthly mix series. Recorded using only the vinyl that we spend an age digging for, just so we can share these amazing tracks with you.


1 – Homeboy | The Simple Things In Life
2 – Woodcut |The Projects
3 – Luvless | Balance On A Beam
4 – Andy Hart | Epsilon Girls
5 – Junktion | The Great Unknown
6 – Genius Of Time | Drifting Back
7- Adesse Versions | Modal