Solid Air

A bit of a break from the four to the floor stuff we normally post but I love this record and think its worth sharing. I picked up John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’ a while ago at Rat Records for a measly £3! An absolute bargain. Its one of my all time favourite LP’s and felt lucky to get my hands on it.

I was introduced to this album by a good friend of mine about a decade ago. My friend had the broadest musical taste of anyone I knew back then so I was always up for and respected any of his recommendations. I was hooked the moment he pressed play. This album really takes you on a journey. There was just something so enchanting about the opening track ‘Solid Air’ . I could just imagine being in a dark hazy jazz club watching this guy ooze coolness from the stage. ‘Solid Air’ isn’t the only killer track though, ‘Don’t Want To Know’ is up there, along with ‘Go Down Easy’.

John Martyn’s compositions on Solid Air shook the British folk movement and inspired generations to come but didn’t make a huge impact commercially when it was released on Island Records in 1973. Despite this big names like Eric Clapton regularly covered Martyn’s songs in their sets which speaks volumes on how great this record really is.

I tend to find myself listening to this record on a Sunday afternoon when I have nothing to do, which is perfect. We rarely take the time nowadays to listen to albums all the way through so when you can, make it special.

Like my good friend did a decade ago, I highly recommend you sit back, relax and breath in some Solid Air.

Track List:

  1. “Solid Air” – 5:46
  2. “Over the Hill” – 2:51
  3. “Don’t Want to Know” – 3:01
  4. “I’d Rather Be the Devil” (Skip James) – 6:19
  5. “Go Down Easy” – 3:36
  6. “Dreams by the Sea” – 3:18
  7. “May You Never” – 3:43
  8. “The Man in the Station” – 2:54
  9. “The Easy Blues” – 3:22



Label: Tartlet Records

Release: TART034

IMYRMIND’s first release with Tartelet records boasts four brilliant tracks, ranging from a crunchy techno roller, ‘Tong Po’ through to dusty jazz infused grooves on the rest of the EP.

The sound of upright bass, turntable cuts and playful piano give these tracks a brilliant live feel, suitable for home listening as well as peak time action.

The B side, featured track ‘Upturn’ sells itself with infectious latin percussion, coupled with a gripping horn and piano section that are sure to get the dance floor swinging. ‘Number 7’ finishes off the EP with style- eerie tape delayed and detuned rhodes are accompanied by some very fun drum programming which maintains the skippy broken jazz groove. Overall a really nice release- worth getting your hands on.


We were fortunate enough to be in the wonderful city of Copenhagen, Denmark last weekend and managed to duck out of doing your traditional touristy things for a few hours to visit some record stores.  There are quite a few dotted about the city but public transport is a breeze so if you have the time you can spend a day checking out a chunk of them. We were most looking forward to going to a store called Dorma 21 which specialised in new house and techno from local Scandinavian producers, unfortunately it had closed down recently so we weren’t able to. Even so we did manage to find two great record stores.

Insula Music


Insula Music is a tiny shop located in south KØBENHAVN N with the closest metro station Forum being a 7 minute walk away.


20DKK (£2) – 1000DKK (£100)


Folk, Rock, Afro, Asian, Scandinavian Jazz plus more


There is one turntable in the shop behind the counter but the owner is more than happy for you to come back and play some records


Insula music is a very discrete shop, we only found it because there were boxes of vinyl put out on a table in front of the shop! Its very small with only two racks on either side and one in the centre. Insula sells both new and second hand wax with the owners eclectic and unusual taste in music really shining through in their collection. With that area of Copenhagen inhabited by a large Middle Eastern population there was quite a lot of arabian folk music to choose from. There was also quite a lot of Scandinavian and European Jazz. Most of the records are in great condition and there are definitely a few bargains in there.


Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen








Sidney Bechet And His Orchestra – 50DKK (£5)

Sly And Robbie – 40DKK (£4)


Sound Station


The closest metro to Sound Station again is Forum but this time its a twelve minute walk in the opposite direction. It is in the Frederiksberg area on a main road called Gammel Kongevej.


25DKK (£2.50) – 2000DKK (£200)


A lot !!! Mostly Rock, Jazz, Soul, Folk


There is one turntable in the shop at the counter that has quite a dodgy connection so listening was testing at times but nothing a wiggle of the wires wouldn’t sort out.


Sound Station is a beautiful record store with a massive collection. Its warm wooden decor was very comforting coming in from the cold Copenhagen weather. Each genre takes up a huge amount of space in the shop with floor to ceiling shelves meticulously alphabetised. The guys working there were very accommodating and were more than happy to help point us in the right direction in this otherwise daunting shop. We recommend spending a whole day there as you will need a lot of time to go through just one shelving unit!















Afrique – 150DKK (£15)

Buddy Miles – 25DKK (£2.50)


Wu15 – The Anthem

Eglo 48

Emerging as one of the finest producers to come out of London in recent years, Henry Wu’s ability is second to none. He’s definitely become a firm favourite for us with tracks like 117 Careplan  featuring in our latest mix BLBC #3.

With soulful synth laden tracks his staple, his upcoming release is sure to impress. With The help of the wicked K15 they have produced something really special. Its soon to be released but we were given the pleasure of an early listen via Gilles Peterson.

And if Peterson digs it…




Incognito – Always There

Talking Loud – CAT No. TLKDJ15

Released – 1991


There are few songs that really touch your soul and give you goosebumps when you listen to them. For Me ‘Always There’ by Incognito is one of them. A 90’s throwback acid jazz tune that features the powerful vocals of the one and only Jocelyn Brown. Continue reading