Killer edit of Mikey Dread’s ‘Saturday Night Style’ that can turn heads and the direction of a night in one fell swoop. Kevin Gorman’s productions – under the moniker Adesse Versions – have quickly become some of our favourites and this track is taken from our personal favourite release of his – the Dread At The Controls EP. Adesse Versions first came onto our radar with his re-working of Photek’s 1997 track ‘Modus Operandi’ and he takes on Photek’s ‘Into The 90s’ on this EP too. Well worth grabbing a copy.

Released on Australian label This Thing Tapes & Records but brought to the world by the fantastic People’s Potential Unlimited – Mike Kay’s ‘Low Altitude’ is the A-side of an expensive EP with no frills (don’t expect a disco bag on this one!) – but one that’s worth every penny.

A stripped-backed analogue house stomper teamed with a robot gone wrong, these are serious 80s throwback sounds – all chrome knobs and wooden cabinets – the kind that Australian producers seem to be nailing right now (see – Harvey Sutherland). On first listen it can seem sparse, but it’s on a system when this thing comes to life. Tried and tested.

Dutch producer Dollkraut sweeps in with a dark & funky jam. Sounding like a jacked up gypsy robot has been shot into the stratosphere, it dings and whizzes. It’s got a good old fashioned breakdown as well, before we return to the welcome funky thump toward the end of the track. Hypnotic sound – and a cracking little cover. All in all worthy produce. Bravo.

Hopefully more to come over the course of the year… watch this space.