Label: Lumberjacks In Hell

Release: LiH016

Repress alert!!!! Get your hands on this before it flies off the shelves for a second time. Seriously though you should get this compilation!! It’s very rare that a compilation has strong tracks throughout. But hand on our hearts every track on here is killer.

From Hell With Love’s heavily disco focused edits are perfect for turning a party on its head. Your guaranteed  to get those stragglers on the fringes well into the mix.

Featuring 8 tracks from some of the finest and up and coming producers around, label head Marcel Vogel’s ‘Come on’ is one of the stand out tracks if you could say that any stand out from the others.

Our personal favourite is “To The Love’ by Dan Shake who is taking the underground world by storm right now with his own imprint Shake’s releases selling out in a matter of days, represses included!



Arabian Nights

Taking you through the bustling bazaars of Marrakech and late night discos of Istanbul to the psychedelic movement in Iran. Showcasing some of the Middle East’s finest records, Arabian Nights is an eclectic mix from the BLBC vault.

Most of this music comes from Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey and Morocco with genres ranging from Jazz, Funk, Italo Disco and Breakbeat.

Tack List:
Pisi Pisi – Figen Han
Dance of Maria – Elias Rahbani
Nisyan – Ahmed Fakroun
Cantamilia – Tranquility Bass
Shashkin – Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Crystalline ( Omar Souleyman Remix) – Bjork
Der Bauch – Mc Sultan
Abu Ali – Ziad Rahbani
Yo Son ( Prince Language Edit) – Ahmed Fakroun
El Fen – Ait Meslayene
Dalkavuk – Senay
Aheste ( Baris K Edit) – Baris Manco
Love Words – Ahmed Fakroun
Edit d Algerie (Julian Horn) – Djamel Allam
Habibi ( Vocal) – Sahara Band
Zina – Ouiness
Nissim ( Feat. Amir Yaghmai) – The Gasslamp Killer




The fourth instalment in our mix series. Warming up for our first party of the year with a few jams that we’ve been digging recently. Be sure to come down to the Yard Theatre on the 5th of Feb and join us for an evening of fun!!
BLBC @ The Yard

Track List:
1 – Long Island Wildin’ – De La Soul
2 – Stars For Jorge – Len Leise
3 – Angola – JM Edit
4 – Cigrik (FOC Rework) – Mogollar
5 – Algier Ego – Luvless
6 – Party Train – Funkyjaws
7 – Rießenglied 95 (Fuer Nano) – Axel S
8 – 78 To Stanley Bay – Chaos In The CBD
9 – Star Strike – Soundstream
10 – To The Love – Dan Shake
11 – Tricks On Wax – Ben Sun
12 – Coco Kane (Frasier Edit) – El Coco

Groove Store is a bright and lovely little shop, accessible via Place De Clichy Metro in the city’s 9th district.

€6 – €60

Funk, Soul, Rock, Blues

One turntable hooked up to the shop system for everyone to use. Ask at the counter – it’s cool to cut off a tune, just ask whoever put it on… be polite!

It’s pretty small, probably room for 8 people comfortably browsing, with a left hand wall of crates offering up Funk & Soul EP’s (and a few LP’s) for €6 a pop. Most of this stuff is either more common or more obscure, and much of it can be found cheaper on Discogs, though it’s well curated and pretty much all NM, so to be honest you may as well save yourself the hassle and pick it up here while you have the chance. While we were in the shop the dude working there was flipping through the bins and pulling out the smoothest obscure & classic tracks alike to play to a Mum and her baby. He wasn’t looking in the storage on the right hand side of the shop.

The right hand side of the shop is taken up with either more easily recognisable names or more expensive, rarer shit which is alphabetised meticulously so that it’s a pleasure to browse. Generally weighing in at between €10 and €20, here’s a chance to score some bargains if you know what you’re looking for or have the time and connectivity to cross reference with Discogs. Most of the records they had are from the late 70’s – late 80’s.

There was also some classic rock from the same era in a couple of boxes at the front of the shop, but Funk and Soul was definitely the plat du jour here.

Faze-O – Ridin High – €8

Ozone – Jump On It – €6

The Clark Sisters – You Bought The Sunshine – €6

Most will probably know this tune by Arts & Craft from the Walter Gibbons 12” Remix that appeared on one of the better DJ Kicks editions – in what is already a stellar series – by Motor City Drum Ensemble. I doubt many will know it in it’s original form as, like is often the case with these things, it’s pretty rare. Luckily the fantastic Al Kent included the original version on his ‘Disco Demands’ compilation – a release where the only things bigger than the tunes on it are… you see where I’m going.

It’s the intro that really makes this tune. It’s so stripped-back and raw with the odd out of time keyboard hit, it’s so real. And it build and builds. I love fading into the intro and just sitting back and watching people trying to work out what the fuck is going on. It lasts for two minutes for fuck sake! But when it finally drops, it descends into a soaring disco groove but one where everything is slightly off kilter, where the odd instrument is slightly too high in the mix. It’s none of the usual slick disco production, it reminds me of the P&P Records stuff – ‘Ghetto Disco’ they called it – and it’s fucking ace!

This is a selection of Trinidadian music, Soca, but not Soca as we know it today.
There is no EDM or contemporary groovy or power in this mix, it is a pre 90’s selection that shows off the Calypso, Soul and Disco side of things.
It shows Trini’s abilities to use a fantastic array of synths and live instrumentation to produce wild and wonderful music that is totally unique.
The records have been collected in Trinidad on various digging trips, and from many enjoyable years living on the beautiful island.
Many thanks to the Rhyner Sisters for their help, support and knowledge.

Every now and again a release comes along that really delivers. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy to shed decent cash to get that one tune that you know will swivel heads, but when you hit upon a release where every track’s a winner it really is like finding a fillet steak in the reduced to clear section of your local supermarket – especially when it comes in a screen-printed disco bag. ‘All killer, no filler’ is a banal, overused phrase when it comes to describing music, and if I could come up with something more interesting I would used it to describe Salamanca Issue 2.  Continue reading

Sometimes you hear a track and you think – this is fucking killer. But for some reason when you slap that funky-low-slung-charmer on the 1’s and 2’s things don’t quite explode like you hope.

Maybe it’s the tracks looooooong ass opening. It builds and builds, leaving a lot in the can for the latter half of the song. Or perhaps it’s the dub echo over the vocal, which never really breaks to a clean hum. It’s warm though, and it’s a groover.

It might not turn a dance floor on it’s head, but build a little tension… learn a little patience, jam it on and start a naughty little groove SON!

Label: Jive Afrika/ Carrere

Release: JIVE T 64/8427

Arguably one of the best afro-disco dance tracks ever produced, blessed with fantastically positive lyrics, and Masekela’s trademark soaring horns. The combination of African choir and an 80’s synth-work is sure to get you moving and keep you moving. It sure has a life affirming quality. Continue reading

This striking slice of italo-space-disco, re-pressed in 2010 from the 1982 original is Tony Carey flexing his production muscle. Featuring a lowslung rolling bassline, powerful electric guitar and an iconic, brain melting ‘HAI SAMURAI’ vocal, this a disorientating chuggy number is here to end stasis as we know it!

Check the flip side for more shred… MEGAWAR!