Released on Australian label This Thing Tapes & Records but brought to the world by the fantastic People’s Potential Unlimited – Mike Kay’s ‘Low Altitude’ is the A-side of an expensive EP with no frills (don’t expect a disco bag on this one!) – but one that’s worth every penny.

A stripped-backed analogue house stomper teamed with a robot gone wrong, these are serious 80s throwback sounds – all chrome knobs and wooden cabinets – the kind that Australian producers seem to be nailing right now (see – Harvey Sutherland). On first listen it can seem sparse, but it’s on a system when this thing comes to life. Tried and tested.

I don’t know much about Raja Zahr or his music to be honest, he is, it would seem, a rather elusive character. But if you did want to find out more you better start saving those pennies as the Lebanon LP that ‘Drum Sequence’ is taken from fetches up to £450 on Discogs.

The original track, sampled by Daphni (aka Caribou) on his track ‘Springs’, gets the edit treatment by Psychemagik on their compilation ‘Magik Cyrkles’, an edit that provides one of the more twisted moments in an otherwise meandering stroll through impeccably chosen cuts of hazy funk, cosmic rock and too-slow-to-disco chuggers. Psychemagik have put out a slew of 12s recently but it’s their ‘Magik…’ compilations that do it for me and their recent ‘Magik Sunset’ doesn’t disappoint. Get them all. Get them all now.

Dutch producer Dollkraut sweeps in with a dark & funky jam. Sounding like a jacked up gypsy robot has been shot into the stratosphere, it dings and whizzes. It’s got a good old fashioned breakdown as well, before we return to the welcome funky thump toward the end of the track. Hypnotic sound – and a cracking little cover. All in all worthy produce. Bravo.

Hopefully more to come over the course of the year… watch this space.