Label: Tartlet Records

Release: TART034

IMYRMIND’s first release with Tartelet records boasts four brilliant tracks, ranging from a crunchy techno roller, ‘Tong Po’ through to dusty jazz infused grooves on the rest of the EP.

The sound of upright bass, turntable cuts and playful piano give these tracks a brilliant live feel, suitable for home listening as well as peak time action.

The B side, featured track ‘Upturn’ sells itself with infectious latin percussion, coupled with a gripping horn and piano section that are sure to get the dance floor swinging. ‘Number 7’ finishes off the EP with style- eerie tape delayed and detuned rhodes are accompanied by some very fun drum programming which maintains the skippy broken jazz groove. Overall a really nice release- worth getting your hands on.


Label: Room Service

Release: ROOM03

The Organ Grinder aka Cayne Ramos has produced some absolute bangers in his ‘grotto’ in Wales. Released via the Room Service imprint, this EP features some great dance floor tracks, however the stand out one for us has to be “Voodoo.”
A bit of a heads down late night banger, this one features jarring chords and high energy drums and a haunting vocal chop that although doubtful, sounds like it could have come from drum and bass legend DJ Zinc’s “Reach Out.” It has that strange, but familiar nature that draws one in, especially when under the influence…


Label: Lumberjacks In Hell

Release: LiH016

Repress alert!!!! Get your hands on this before it flies off the shelves for a second time. Seriously though you should get this compilation!! It’s very rare that a compilation has strong tracks throughout. But hand on our hearts every track on here is killer.

From Hell With Love’s heavily disco focused edits are perfect for turning a party on its head. Your guaranteed  to get those stragglers on the fringes well into the mix.

Featuring 8 tracks from some of the finest and up and coming producers around, label head Marcel Vogel’s ‘Come on’ is one of the stand out tracks if you could say that any stand out from the others.

Our personal favourite is “To The Love’ by Dan Shake who is taking the underground world by storm right now with his own imprint Shake’s releases selling out in a matter of days, represses included!





The fourth instalment in our mix series. Warming up for our first party of the year with a few jams that we’ve been digging recently. Be sure to come down to the Yard Theatre on the 5th of Feb and join us for an evening of fun!!
BLBC @ The Yard

Track List:
1 – Long Island Wildin’ – De La Soul
2 – Stars For Jorge – Len Leise
3 – Angola – JM Edit
4 – Cigrik (FOC Rework) – Mogollar
5 – Algier Ego – Luvless
6 – Party Train – Funkyjaws
7 – Rießenglied 95 (Fuer Nano) – Axel S
8 – 78 To Stanley Bay – Chaos In The CBD
9 – Star Strike – Soundstream
10 – To The Love – Dan Shake
11 – Tricks On Wax – Ben Sun
12 – Coco Kane (Frasier Edit) – El Coco

Label: Banoffee Pies

Release: BPWS001

The first in Bannoffee Pies new “World” Series endeavor is pure fire- The A side is an instant attention grabber that does have some legs in terms of repeat listening. The African Disco edit brought to us by Philou Louzolo, “Afrofuturism Dance” is driven by playful drums and an intertwined organ that give the track instant ‘likeability’ for whoever is lucky enough to be on the dancefloor. All of the tracks on the EP have something special about them, which is oddly rare for a record, but when it does happen, sets it above the rest.

Though Wendel Sield’s addition to the record, “History of Black Music”  is also worthy of mention, we have decided to feature the first B side track by Mehment Aslam/ MMT*-Ton-a-ton (Cilli Bom). Super percussion and a deep centred kick put it well in the big room bracket- even if just as a novelty. A haunting and hypnotic flute leads us up to a fantastic vocal sample, which is the icing on the cake. Lale Belkis’ vocal is as sexy as it hypnotising and it is good thing to have a club ready version of Cilli Bom on hard wax.

All of the tracks on the release have a great DJ Tool quality to them, and as it was limited to 500 pressings; hand stamped, hand numbered, one per customer… la la la- it’s perhaps worth tracking down a copy just for that golden moment.

Mastered by: Ten Eight Seven

Pressed by: Disc Solutions

Wu15 – The Anthem

Eglo 48

Emerging as one of the finest producers to come out of London in recent years, Henry Wu’s ability is second to none. He’s definitely become a firm favourite for us with tracks like 117 Careplan  featuring in our latest mix BLBC #3.

With soulful synth laden tracks his staple, his upcoming release is sure to impress. With The help of the wicked K15 they have produced something really special. Its soon to be released but we were given the pleasure of an early listen via Gilles Peterson.

And if Peterson digs it…




Ge-Ology Featuring Mark De Clive-Lowe – Moon Circuitry

Sound Signature

Release: SS058

Ge-Ology knocks it out the park with this one on the renowned Sound Signature Label. Both sides of the 12” feature similar space-like future funk/ jazz jams, laden with UK keyboard wizard Mark De Clive-Lowe’s playful modulated synth lines.

The flip features a few more natural sounds, with beautiful piano and strings contrasted against toned down aphex twin-esq programming. A record with great strength which pushes boundaries into outer space.

Having formed a part of Fela’s Egypt 80 and the Positive Force band alongside Femi Kuti, Dele Sosimi is up there with the Afrobeat legends. Dele is still very much spearheading the sound, playing often in his hometown of London and abroad backed by his fearsome 15-piece Afrobeat orchestra.

Dele recently released his album ‘You No Fit Touch’ on Wah Wah 45s. The label have now turned it over for the remix treatment and are set to release a package including re-workings by Tru Thoughts‘ Titeknots, Modified Man and Balearic maestro and a producer we just can’t get enough of, Ptaki. For now, here’s a take by Wolf Music‘s very own Medlar and courtesy of the very excellent Stamp The Wax. Absolutely itching to play this one out.

In a recent trip to excellent Hoxton vinyl store Love Vinyl we were delighted to be pointed towards Joes Bakery, an emergent Leeds label putting together some proper lively cuts.

The A side of this label showcase, put together in February for Italian-by-way-of-Berlin José Manuel features the straighter of the tracks – Mantra is an eastern dance floor track, whilst Mauntra (that’s what it says on the label so we’re sticking with that) the Joe’s Bakery remix is a more contemplative look at the same sample.

Meanwhile on the B, Ganas is a weapon full of wierdness and you will bloody love it. Screwy bass, and what must be the sound of an elephant roaring have been combined to fill out a voracious low end. Meanwhile, the alluring and repetitive sample ‘Ganas’ which gives the tune it’s name rings out in ceremonial, sacrificial style. Remember: if this does get played and you need a little sit down, it’s best enjoyed with a cold Singha. Brilliant and brutal stuff José.

Itching and magnificent stuff from Romare, the Ninja Tune artist. This one’s a sly builder and a great example of a track where great building blocks (sharp cymbals, muffled kick, ghostly vocals) are assembled with enough space so they let each and every other element breathe. Romare’s phrases are blocky enough to create the big builds and drops underpinned by padwork and reverb, but again, all the elements in the track link up nicely to deliver one big hitting number. It’s in the bag for tonight.

Romare’s YouTube Channel