Although I’m not a huge fan of the Hot Creations brand of churn-out, party bangers straight from the terrace of Jamie Jones’ Ibiza mansion, it’s good to keep an open mind to a label that’s had such a high hit rate.  So, I was pleasantly surprised to see relative unknown Rydim show up in the release calendar.  With only a single EP online, this Berlin based producer is about as low profile as it gets. But don’t be fooled by a small digital footprint, Rydim has been rousing dancefloors across the world for over a decade, and has a hand in some of the most raw and functional techno and house on the market, making use of a number of aliases and collaborative projects.  Not to mention filling regular spots at Panorama bar/Berghain, Womb, and the late, great Trouw. You don’t walk in the door of those places without earning your stripes.

So on Hot Creations, landing 17th June, Rydim teams up with legendary house vocalist Paris Brightledge to serve up a stripped back vocal, acid-house stomper. Built upon a foundation of the most animal TR-909 beats, hi-hats way up front full of mechanical funk, acid lines squelch away underneath Brightledge’s retro vocal. It’s bold and brash (“Parrrrrrty towwwwwn!”), and toes the line of trashier territory, but Rydim keeps the rawness that saves the track from becoming a complete parody of the whistle-blowing impassioned raver.

It’s not reinventing the wheel in any way, shape or form, but “Gotham City” is a tough tune that you are going to be hearing on some of the world’s best dancefloors this month. You can hear the full stream here.

Jack “Editions” Haighton serves up his third self-released EP, as a tribute to Sasha & Digweed’s Rennaissance.  Currently serving as the label manager for the self-proclaimed pantomime villain of dance music, and twitter troll Scuba’s Hotflush label, Jack takes a break from the tech-house 12″s of his day job to deliver a delightful 90’s throwback.

The A-side “Perfect Potion” is a masterclass in breakbeat rhythms, swirling pads, and filtered vocals, all tied together with an unfaltering four bar bass line that propels the whole ensemble along effortlessly.

On the flip we’re treated to “The Age of Bruv (Jam & Tool Mix)”, which uses the inherit brute force of the TR-909 to carry waves of ambiance and that break around a vocoded hook.

UP NORTH 94 is available on 12″ Vinyl in stores and online.

Follow Editions Haighton on Soundcloud & Facebook.

We recently announced the great news that ∆dmin will be joining ourselves and Andras at Buyers Club in July.

Coming off the back of 2015 with releases on Sleazy Beats, Futureboogie’s Boogiefuturo and Banoffee Pies, ∆dmin’s pushing the tripped out lazy & percussive house sound from Bristol to the world.

Singing with musicality, beat down basslines & drum groove add to floating melody, making daisy chains from samples. It’s deep & moody & gold for the mornings, afternoons and woozy evenings.


Bonus… Banoffee Pies have just posted up a clip from their new sampler:



The mysterious Cruë records come at it for the first time since 2012 with a 4th edition in their sporadic series.

One Discogs user commented that this was a bit more down the disco line than they usually go. So taking that comment, combining it with the influence of their previous releases, means you know what to expect: bangers.

When I spoke to the BLBC lads about this track, they all had it in their sights. Luckily I copped it first so they will forever be flapping at me as I play both it’s purple cuts in the club. Sorry boys. 

Side A you are looking at a soulful grooving cut, something like MCDE would play peak time. 4.40 you are getting the full thrust of the anthem… 

Side B is a bit more bouncey, along the same lines, looping samples & a wicked thumping bassline. Summer…  Great record to revive the old A or B predicament. 

UK based Lizards hooked us up with a copy of their new EP, launching on Not An Animal records next week.

The A cut, Tanni, is everything you want in a building track. Full of vitamins, it’s a late club cut with an evil click & hiss.

The EP will be the third release on the fledgling London label, featuring uplifting proto-chug, grooving drums, sounds of the natural world and, Cowbell.

Two cuts make up the International Track 1&2… Lizards own original starting up the chuggy build, pulse bass and bird (prey?) noise. Max Essa’s remix takes things deep. These tracks are made to hypnotise & affect.

When we asked Lizards about the release, they had this to say:

Jun Kamoda is the latest addition to the Mr. Saturday Night roster. The Tokyo MC, DJ and producer spent some time with the guys after one of their famous parties in New York back in 2015. And here we are a few months down the line with The Clay EP. A diverse three track selection ripe for slaying the dancefloor.

First we have Physical Graffiti, a stripped back and chopped up disco track that will really trip everyone out.

Next up is the title track The Clay. A thumping percussion led afro beat track. A track Auntie Flo would be proud of.

And lastly we have Exitus. With a haunting vocal loop and 90’s house sounds.

The Clay EP really showcases Mr. Kamoda’s talents and eclectic taste. We can’t wait to test this one out for ourselves.

Ruf Dug is at it again! The BLBC favourite works his magic on what is sure to be one of the top remixes this year.

The man from Manchester cannot put a foot wrong at the moment with a string of remixes and his debut album Island, released last year getting massive recognition. This track is no different with spot on production really making it his own. You can catch Ruf Dug at the Bussey Building on the 20th of May.

The release by Ichisan & Nakova is another strong showing from the awesomely named Cosmic Pint Glass.

Italian buck Fab Mayday turns out on a tour de force for Porn Wax. Here’s four cuts squeezed onto the notorious pink marble vinyl which ring equal in bang town and subtle-ton. A real sparkling job here from Mr. Mayday, who you can catch spinning intermittently on MCR’s Beatwolf Radio apparently.

As the 10th release on Porn Wax, it’s heart warming to see series coming full circle and it’s inaugural producer being welcomed back with a warm and Tusky hug… it’s almost cutesy actually.

So. Slandered sentimentality aside, this is a great record.

‘Viaggio in Gambia’ – A soulful, sample fuelled banger with a twisting bass machine underpinning the whole smeared and glorious affair.

‘Una Storia’ is a dark and melting bass test. Dub echo and the cold march to battle… subtle acid lines over far away sirens. A momentary pause before another rise. Deep and smoke filled techno.

If ‘Una Storia’ is the war party on its way, ‘Me Africa’ is a the optimistic sound at the end/start of the night… lovely


Rune Lindbaek has been spinning in & around Oslo since 1984. Nineteen Eighty Four. He’s also been putting out music under his own name, two aliases and as part of fourteen groups, bands or collectives. Whilst he’s not had the breakout success of say, Terje or Thomas, he’s been a slow burning member of the incredible Scandinavian Disco scene since day, who’s having a bit of a moment with recent remixes and releases on the likes of Smalltown Supersound,  Lets Get Lost Japan, Aficionado & International Feel.

Released December 2015 with a catalog number of 001 on his own Norsk Tripping label, NT is a tidy showcase of dubby, funky edits from mr Lindbaek…. thanks Rune!


Rune’s Soundcloud

We’ve been keeping tabs on vinyl only label Rothmans for a while now. Most of their releases have been in a retro vein, keeping things stripped back to a classic drum machines pootling along to infectious synth lines with a bit of sample thrown in for good measure. Certainly a job well done, but we were somewhat surprised to find that “The Mario Tresor Release” featured a b-side remix by Folkestone legend Brassica.

Shamelessly contemporary, the remix is an 8 minute powerhouse that keeps on giving. The acid and trance influenced lines of the original are set atop a driving bass that sustains an unfaltering momentum throughout, but the the real magic lies in the exotic original sound design, phasing vocals and melody. After moments of almost Egyptian flavour, the winding elements converge into chord stabs to lift the veil of mystery into euphoria.

This one’s a bit of an epic, but nonetheless a perfect peak time party tune that transitions through some great places.