Jack “Editions” Haighton serves up his third self-released EP, as a tribute to Sasha & Digweed’s Rennaissance.  Currently serving as the label manager for the self-proclaimed pantomime villain of dance music, and twitter troll Scuba’s Hotflush label, Jack takes a break from the tech-house 12″s of his day job to deliver a delightful 90’s throwback.

The A-side “Perfect Potion” is a masterclass in breakbeat rhythms, swirling pads, and filtered vocals, all tied together with an unfaltering four bar bass line that propels the whole ensemble along effortlessly.

On the flip we’re treated to “The Age of Bruv (Jam & Tool Mix)”, which uses the inherit brute force of the TR-909 to carry waves of ambiance and that break around a vocoded hook.

UP NORTH 94 is available on 12″ Vinyl in stores and online.

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Arabian Nights

Taking you through the bustling bazaars of Marrakech and late night discos of Istanbul to the psychedelic movement in Iran. Showcasing some of the Middle East’s finest records, Arabian Nights is an eclectic mix from the BLBC vault.

Most of this music comes from Lebanon, Algeria, Turkey and Morocco with genres ranging from Jazz, Funk, Italo Disco and Breakbeat.

Tack List:
Pisi Pisi – Figen Han
Dance of Maria – Elias Rahbani
Nisyan – Ahmed Fakroun
Cantamilia – Tranquility Bass
Shashkin – Omar Faruk Tekbilek
Crystalline ( Omar Souleyman Remix) – Bjork
Der Bauch – Mc Sultan
Abu Ali – Ziad Rahbani
Yo Son ( Prince Language Edit) – Ahmed Fakroun
El Fen – Ait Meslayene
Dalkavuk – Senay
Aheste ( Baris K Edit) – Baris Manco
Love Words – Ahmed Fakroun
Edit d Algerie (Julian Horn) – Djamel Allam
Habibi ( Vocal) – Sahara Band
Zina – Ouiness
Nissim ( Feat. Amir Yaghmai) – The Gasslamp Killer



Here it is, the third installment of our monthly mix series.  We’ve gone deep on this one with tracks from the impressive Max Graef and the infectious Black Madonna among others. The sounds of New York, Chicago , Detroit, The U.K and Berlin run strong throughout.

Track List :

Max Graef – A Tale Of Love
Genius Of Time – Juxtapose
Henry Wu – 117 Care Plan
Levon Vincent – Pivotal Moments In Life
Roland Tings – Tiger In A Tropical Storm
Black Fan – Hercules And The Beast
Genius Of Time – Tom Jam
Quell – Disregard
MCDE – Raw Cuts 5 A-Side
Marc King – Loquacious
Lil’ Mo Ying Yang – Reach(Little More Mix)
Erik Ericksson – Yuki
The Black Madonna – Who Do You Need
Normah Jean Bell – The Baddest Bitch(Moody Man Mix)


— BLBC First Find —

As the title suggests, Piano Groove is a smooth moving house number out of Balance Studios, Washington in 1990. Featuring a killer keys solo from Frederico Pena, and with the cheesy vocals of the OG original stripped out (sorry Tamara), the natural melody of the track is given a bit more room on the couch.

Tamara Knight was also the name of an obscure-o heroine from Crash, the ZX Spectrum home computer magazine… “All those years of MacDonalds potty training are about to pay off.”


Ata Kak – Daa Nyinaa

Awesome Tapes From Africa

Label founder Brian Shmikovitz started Awesome Tapes From Africa as a blog back in 2006. Scouring the big continent for the rarest grooves he bought a tape from a road side stall on the Cape Coast in Ghana. It was an album called ‘Obaa Sima’ by a man named Ata Kak. It was this tape that was his first post on his blog.

Not much was known about the man himself as Brian struggled to find out. He eventually discovered that Ata Kak (real name Yaw Atta-Owusu) had recorded the album in 1994 in Toronto before moving back to Ghana in 2006.

‘Daa Nyinaa’ is off the album and has recently been released as a 12″ single on ATFA. Remastered using the original tape bought back on the road side in Ghana the song has quite quite a low fi sound to it. But don’t let that discourage you as the track is truly awesome.

Incognito – Always There

Talking Loud – CAT No. TLKDJ15

Released – 1991


There are few songs that really touch your soul and give you goosebumps when you listen to them. For Me ‘Always There’ by Incognito is one of them. A 90’s throwback acid jazz tune that features the powerful vocals of the one and only Jocelyn Brown. Continue reading

I was recently given a crate of free records from my neighbour at work. A great guy and now a successful owner of an architectural practice realising people’s dreams on over-priced plots of London land, I can only assume his earlier days were spent building bass-lines in a field in Hertfordshire. He’d warned me that he’d fished out all the good ones and after a good few hours flipping records, it was clear he was right. However, that isn’t to say there weren’t a few pearls in a sea of early-90s trance and cheesy vocal house.

One find was the Serious Grooves label sampler – Serious Grooves with KMS – a limited 2×12” package on translucent red & blue vinyl. Released in 1993 on the Detroit label, set-up by Antonio Echols – fraternity brother of Kevin Saunderson, the release includes tracks by Terrence Parker and a Carl Craig remix. However, it’s the T.H.D track ‘We Got A Love (Shake’M Down Mix) that wins it for me. A slice of fledgling garage with trademark early-90s deep house organs and a sample of First Choice’s ‘Dr. Love’. Lots to get into on this one.