Bill Brewster’s Disco Jungle

Bill Brewster’s ‘Disco Jungle’

KMAH Radio

Bill Brewster is the KNOWLEDGE. A DJ and writer, he co wrote the famous book  “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ among  other great titles.

He has been travelling the world for many years collecting some of the finest disco records around and building a knowledge of the genre along the way that is unrivalled. Thankfully for us Bill is sharing his expertise on his monthly radio show ‘Disco Jungle’.

Broadcast on KMAH internet radio, a small independent radio station based in Leeds, Bill’s two hour show  is packed full of rare records that only the truest of diggers amongst us would recognise. On every show he features his favourite records from a certain record label that was prominent during the disco era, labels such as Prelude records and SAM records.

If you’re a seasoned vet or just getting into disco music this show is for you, with none of the “disco classics” played you’re guaranteed to hear fresh tracks everytime.

Don’t worry if you have missed them as KMAH post all of their radio shows onto their soundcloud page: Kmah Radio

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