The mysterious Cruë records come at it for the first time since 2012 with a 4th edition in their sporadic series.

One Discogs user commented that this was a bit more down the disco line than they usually go. So taking that comment, combining it with the influence of their previous releases, means you know what to expect: bangers.

When I spoke to the BLBC lads about this track, they all had it in their sights. Luckily I copped it first so they will forever be flapping at me as I play both it’s purple cuts in the club. Sorry boys. 

Side A you are looking at a soulful grooving cut, something like MCDE would play peak time. 4.40 you are getting the full thrust of the anthem… 

Side B is a bit more bouncey, along the same lines, looping samples & a wicked thumping bassline. Summer…  Great record to revive the old A or B predicament. 

UK based Lizards hooked us up with a copy of their new EP, launching on Not An Animal records next week.

The A cut, Tanni, is everything you want in a building track. Full of vitamins, it’s a late club cut with an evil click & hiss.

The EP will be the third release on the fledgling London label, featuring uplifting proto-chug, grooving drums, sounds of the natural world and, Cowbell.

Two cuts make up the International Track 1&2… Lizards own original starting up the chuggy build, pulse bass and bird (prey?) noise. Max Essa’s remix takes things deep. These tracks are made to hypnotise & affect.

When we asked Lizards about the release, they had this to say:

We’re happy to announce Buyers Club – a series of late-running summer events at The Yard which will see us host DJs from across the globe including Andras [AU] // Medlar [UK] // Fantastic Man [AU] // Lexx [CH] + more TBA.

Buyers Club is a dance party for human beings – we provide access to new and uncovered international music.

Opening each first weekend running four months June – September, exceptional programming, sonic fidelity and visual stimulation will be offered as a narrative, for your consideration.

We will be joined by Joakim [FR] for our first event on 3rd June.

Event Header V2

Joakim is one of France’s foremost electronic artists both as a producer, owner of the label Tigersushi and as a high profile remixer – having completed remixes for the likes of Todd Terje, William Onyeabor, Aeroplane & Tiga. His outward view of music is completely in key with BLBC and his sets can include everything from world music to disco, house, krautrock and pop.

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Club Residents: Brick Lane Buyers Club
Visual Artist: Whitcliffe De Vaux
Artist: Natalie Spencer

Sound System: TPI Sound
Lighting: Smoke, Strobe, Laser
Liquids: Yard Lager, Yard Ale, Spirits

Hours of Service: 2100 – 0400 BST
Cost: 010 GBP
Location: The Yard, Hackney, London, UK

Phonica Records have just premiered a brand new track from a new 12″ on Soundway Records. Known for digging the depths of countries as wide ranging as Colombia, Kenya and Thailand for forgotten and previously unknown musical gems, the label has turned it’s attention to Guinee, West Africa, for this slab of 1980s Afro-disco from the International Soleil Band.

Composed by Gnamakoron Sidi Diabaté, the track was originally featured on an album released in 1983 by French Warners offshoot WAM (West African Music) – a short lived label that recorded about 20 releases of West African music released in France. Soundway label boss Miles Cleret and Sofrito’s Frankie Francis turn in an edit of the original track, under their Hide & Smile moniker, which sees them tease out a thumping, rolling bass-line intro interspersed with machine-gun drumming and 80s synth before the track drops into a more recognisable West African groove. This one is in the shops now and we guarantee you’ll be hearing it out and about over the summer.

This article is for the sixteen year old store, Egg Records, Newtown, Sydney. A voyage into the depth and quality of sound is possible in this place. A corner of planet earth dedicated to the organisation and sale of exceptional music.


The store has the west and the east, north and south. Organised A-Z but and with key areas for exploration pulled out and highlighted. You want Moog comps? Or was it BBC FX Albums? Rock & Punk get a big look in at entrance to the palais.


Specific genres aside, enjoy spending time with a few thousand discs checked, logged and oiled, by the owner, Baz. Keep thriving Baz!


Ofra Haza – Im Nan’ Alu – 10AUD
Uplifting sounds from Ofra Haza. Lovely chuggy stuff on the remix!

Luna Twist – African Time – 5AUD
Spotted via the screen printed & colourful cover, ‘Luna’ + ‘African’ and then a quick scan on Dutch Wikipedia. Nu-Wave from the continent, big in the UK. Released 1982.


Last weekend we hit up the Sofrito 10th Birthday Party at Shapes in Hackney Wick, London. Now for those who haven’t been, Sofrito is hands down one of the best parties in town, made all the better for the fact they only come around once in a blue moon.  As it was the 10th Birthday Party, the line-up was particularly special including Alma Negra – who has just released a solid 12″ on the Sofrito label; John Gomez – one half of the fantastic night Tangent and Berlin-based Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad aka Africaine 808.

The duo recently released their debut album ‘Basar’ on the fantastic Golf Channel label to widespread critical acclaim. The title for the record comes from the ancient term “oriental marketplace” – a melting pot of sights and sounds, a meeting place of various influences from far and wide and the perfect name for an album that takes it’s lead from the likes of West-African funk, Shangaan electro, Angolan semba and New Orleans jazz, all under-pined by a Japanese drum machine.

Whilst there are plenty of tracks we could have written about from the album, it is their first release, and indeed the first track they played on Saturday, that is still our favourite – ‘Tummy, Tummy’ – released in 2013 as part of the DJ Muscle series on WT Records.

Jun Kamoda is the latest addition to the Mr. Saturday Night roster. The Tokyo MC, DJ and producer spent some time with the guys after one of their famous parties in New York back in 2015. And here we are a few months down the line with The Clay EP. A diverse three track selection ripe for slaying the dancefloor.

First we have Physical Graffiti, a stripped back and chopped up disco track that will really trip everyone out.

Next up is the title track The Clay. A thumping percussion led afro beat track. A track Auntie Flo would be proud of.

And lastly we have Exitus. With a haunting vocal loop and 90’s house sounds.

The Clay EP really showcases Mr. Kamoda’s talents and eclectic taste. We can’t wait to test this one out for ourselves.

Ruf Dug is at it again! The BLBC favourite works his magic on what is sure to be one of the top remixes this year.

The man from Manchester cannot put a foot wrong at the moment with a string of remixes and his debut album Island, released last year getting massive recognition. This track is no different with spot on production really making it his own. You can catch Ruf Dug at the Bussey Building on the 20th of May.

The release by Ichisan & Nakova is another strong showing from the awesomely named Cosmic Pint Glass.

Italian buck Fab Mayday turns out on a tour de force for Porn Wax. Here’s four cuts squeezed onto the notorious pink marble vinyl which ring equal in bang town and subtle-ton. A real sparkling job here from Mr. Mayday, who you can catch spinning intermittently on MCR’s Beatwolf Radio apparently.

As the 10th release on Porn Wax, it’s heart warming to see series coming full circle and it’s inaugural producer being welcomed back with a warm and Tusky hug… it’s almost cutesy actually.

So. Slandered sentimentality aside, this is a great record.

‘Viaggio in Gambia’ – A soulful, sample fuelled banger with a twisting bass machine underpinning the whole smeared and glorious affair.

‘Una Storia’ is a dark and melting bass test. Dub echo and the cold march to battle… subtle acid lines over far away sirens. A momentary pause before another rise. Deep and smoke filled techno.

If ‘Una Storia’ is the war party on its way, ‘Me Africa’ is a the optimistic sound at the end/start of the night… lovely


We’re heading back to 2011 with this one and the first installment in the adventurous Nublu Records’ quality Istanbul 70 series – which sees native Istanbul DJ and producer Barış K editing some obscure selections of psych, disco and folk from the gateway between Europe and Asia: Turkey.

As Turkey entered an era of prosperity in the ’70s, musicians in the country began looking outwards, incorporating elements of Western music with Turkish styles and Istanbul was a cultural hotbed. Osman Ismen, a resident of the city, was one such musician and pulls no punches on track Ara Muzigi, seamlessly melding an intense 80s boogie streak with Anatolian melodies and instrumentation. And thankfully Barış K has provided us with an edit of this incredible, and what is otherwise a hard to come by record.

With the likes of Barış K’s other successful project, Disco Hamam, and with artists such as Omar Souleyman becoming firm favourites in the west, we can’t help but feel that the west is in turn starting to look back east for inspiration. We certainly can’t wait to hear what else the Middle East has to offer. You can hear some of the tunes we’ve been enjoying from the region with a mix that BLBC’s Yusif did here.