Arts & Craft – I’ve Been Searching

Most will probably know this tune by Arts & Craft from the Walter Gibbons 12” Remix that appeared on one of the better DJ Kicks editions – in what is already a stellar series – by Motor City Drum Ensemble. I doubt many will know it in it’s original form as, like is often the case with these things, it’s pretty rare. Luckily the fantastic Al Kent included the original version on his ‘Disco Demands’ compilation – a release where the only things bigger than the tunes on it are… you see where I’m going.

It’s the intro that really makes this tune. It’s so stripped-back and raw with the odd out of time keyboard hit, it’s so real. And it build and builds. I love fading into the intro and just sitting back and watching people trying to work out what the fuck is going on. It lasts for two minutes for fuck sake! But when it finally drops, it descends into a soaring disco groove but one where everything is slightly off kilter, where the odd instrument is slightly too high in the mix. It’s none of the usual slick disco production, it reminds me of the P&P Records stuff – ‘Ghetto Disco’ they called it – and it’s fucking ace!

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