András – Gold Coast (House Mix)

We’re more convinced that Melbourne is really where it’s at day by day – a pretty shit thought when you realise it’s half the fucking World away. Having given us producers such as Harvey Sutherland, M5K and Andy Hart – the city has firmly garnered a reputation as a hotbed for future-boogie meditations on analogue rhythm and sound. Add to that list Andy Wilson – aka András – whose latest release has just come out on Superconscious Records.

By no means András’ first outing – having released some dreamy EPs on the likes of Dopeness Galore and Mexican Summer – the release is a marked departure from his trademark blissful style with a notable lean to the dance-floor on pitched-up lead track ‘T.N.T.F’. However, it’s the track ‘Gold Coast (House Mix)’ that really does it for us –  a track we think perfectly combines his penchant for a cloud nine jam with his new under-taking to create some memorable post-3 a.m. moments.

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